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sonicmcbob's News

Posted by sonicmcbob - August 19th, 2011


Im going to be posting some of my old stuff as well as my new stuff... hopefully i will be able to continue The Sonic & Mario Adventures!!!

Posted by sonicmcbob - April 18th, 2011

http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&sect ion=&global=1&q=ssc+ep+7#/d2oazs1
Heres the link to SSC ep 7, I couldn't post it on NG cause of the 10 MB file restriction...

Posted by sonicmcbob - April 13th, 2011

Yes, I'm back.... my computer crashed so i havent been on in like a year. I don't really know what I plan on doing now video wise. I had worked a long time on S&M adventures ep 3 but i lost the file with my computer soooo..... yeah.

Posted by sonicmcbob - November 5th, 2009

I'm sorry for the but i have to postpone SSC and SSW for a short time

Posted by sonicmcbob - September 4th, 2009

Good news everyone! I'm finally started on the seventh episode of SSC! This is gonna be one of my fav videos cause of the fight scene. 5 vs 1. Ganondorf vs Sonic, Mario, Pit, Metaknight and Fox. Plus showing you what happened to Silver and Link when the ship crashed. AND IT HAS SPACEBAR TEXT!!! Some more good news is that I'm leaving on vacation tonite and I can't WAIT!!! Well PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT.

OH!! and please help me lvl up on my brawl card. click here and and then click level up! thank you
<img src="http://www.mubos-md.com/brawlcard s/cards/ogi32i43.png" border="0" /><br />Click here to level up my card!

SSC ep: 7

Posted by sonicmcbob - April 14th, 2009

Okay you guys of Newgrounds! I have a new series idea and I call it SONIC Star Wars!!! It's a mixture of the Sonic the Hedgehog world and characters and the Star Wars worlds and characters! (Duh) Okay what I'm going to do is start from the beginning of episode II Attack of the clones whaen the fake senators ship blows up. Each movie of Star Wars will be cut into three flash videos and what I'm gonna do is push the Sonic characters into the adventures of Star Wars. Why I'm not doing episode I is cause there are no sprites for it so I'm starting on ep II. And I'm going through episode II - VI and then I might do adventures after Star Wars but who knows. I'm still writing out the scripts and editing the sprites but I do have your fav characters like Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anikin, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Count Dooku and General Grievous!! It'll be a great series and I hope a lot of you out there enjoy it. And tips and stuff would help and I would appreciate it. I have cool music from the Star Wars movies and some Sonic ones so there will be different music through the series, I have Sonic, DBZ and Star Wars sound effects and sprite effects and stuff like the Egg carrier, the Death Star and the Death Egg, Tie fighters, X-wings, Correlian ships and more! And Sonic characters like Sonic, Tails Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Cream amd Eggman!!

I hope you enjoy it when it comes out and a BIG THX to Tonberry2k for ripping a huge amount of the Star Wars sprites I'm using.

And now about the Sonic and Mario adventures series. Its not really taking off and I really don't enjoy making it. So I'm going to do Sonic Star Wars series and continue SSC!


Sonic Star Wars

Posted by sonicmcbob - January 13th, 2009

Well, so far I have been working on Sonic satAM ep: 2. I have started a little bit on SSC ep: 5 the season finally for the series. The new season of SSC will start June 1st 2009.


I had a little Mario sprite trouble, why I switched was because I lost all my original Mario sprites when they just got moved. So thats why i used the SMW fighting style sprites cause I already had those ready to use, but I found the Mario sprites I was using before so I will be using those instead of the SMW style ones.


I already have my friend Rofflawl editing Shadow sprites for me, but i need somebody to help me with some other sprites. Well, not in editing sprites really, just if you have made a sprite sheet thats a animal of yourself I would be happy to use those, I am trying to find more characters for the Sonic satAM series. Now if you wat them to fight you have to make at least five different attacks and poses.
I will not except human sprites. I will give credit also.

CREDIT to: WinterStorm for letting me use his Metal Sonic sprites that he used in
Sonic Reversal ep: lll.

Akradon for some sprites and tips in FLASH.
Macjsus for TONS of sprites and help in FLASH
NintendoFlash, Calad-Bolg and Rofflawl.

Posted by sonicmcbob - December 26th, 2008

Here are the SSC character bio's, only the characters in the series so far and some to come.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The worlds fastest hedgehog, only to be rivaled by Shadow the Hedgehog himself. Sonic is a layed back person who doesn't follow all the rules but when someone is in danger he can't not help. Good freinds with Mario, his best freind is the two tailed fox Miles "Tails" Prower. Sonic is the inthusiastic one, he never gives up even when it seems that its the only option, thus everytime he fights for himself and everyone he cares for he never looses.

Super Mario

The one and only Super Mario, protecter and plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is also good freinds with Sonic, also they are freindly rivals. Mario won the heart of Princess Peach, loving ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario fights for anyone or anything that is in danger, his arch enemy Bowser king of the koopa's but thinks he's the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario isn't alone in his battles against the evil koopa king, his best freind and brother Luigi helps him protect the Mushroom King. thus sometimes cowers in the face of evil he is just as strong as Mario.

Fox Mcloud

Fox, the one and only space fox out there. He fights against the evil Wolf. A evil and thus slower opponent to Fox. Just as people say he's another speed character in the SSB series. He is equiped with his laser blaster, his reflector and hit strenth. Fox's best pal Falco is not as fast as him but has a bigger leap and in strenth. Fox will fight just bout anything you put him to.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow... the dark, quiet hedgehog out of the three. Always in the "shadow" of Sonic, he actually quite likes it. He doesn't like being seen as a hero, more of a looner who isn't good or bad, he does what HE thinks is right... which sometimes isn;t the right thing. He wasn't always the dark figure he is today, fifty years ago he lived aboard the Space Colony ARK. With someone vcery special to him, Dr. Eggman's cousin Maria.

Mecha Sonic

Mecha Sonic, joined the side of the MasterHand and became a traitor. So did all the evil ones... He is the copy of Sonic but thinks he is the real Sonic the Hedgehog. More powerful then Sonic thus is slower. But not to much slower, just fast enough to beat just about every battle they have. A favorite in the MasterHand's eyes he pretends to serve the oversize hand and plans on destroying him in the end.


The king of the koopa's and self proclaimed king of the Mushroom Kingdom. Thus the plumber Mario stands up to him and brings him down eveytime he tries to take over. Never winning against Mario he see's that joining the MasterHand will give him the chance to finally beat Mario.


The main Poke'mon. Under the training of the great Ash Ketchem, Pikachu was taught and trained to be able to fight not just against Poke'mon but stronger fighters like Sonic and Mario. This little yellow cutie can weild the ultimate power of electricity, he can use powerful blast of electriciy on enemys big or small.


The partner and best freind of Megaman. Fast, strong and quick with a saber sword. He also wields a hidden laser blaster in his wrist that let out quick little shots of laser or he can charge larger ones.

And do not take the MetaKnight movement below.


SSC character bio's

Posted by sonicmcbob - December 22nd, 2008

I made a site bout SSC and upcoming news on it. I might still post stuff on here but not often. its got vids, forums (duh), pics and sprites. If you have made your own sprites snd you want to post them just send them to me and i will post right away. It will mostly be about SSC but it will have other dicussions and on, like sprite projects and collabs on newgrounds. anyone is welcome, there will be no sexual or mature talk on the site, no stealing from others, no insulting or cursing others and no sexual videos on the site. all who do not follow these rules will be banned. no permission to join you may go ahead and join. go to the forum section, there will be a link that says sing in or register. all updates on the site or about SSC will be on the home page and forums.


SSC ep: 5 will be kind of a music video, well... kinda like the Sonic X games episode where it was the main character vs his evil brother. like that



Posted by sonicmcbob - December 12th, 2008

So i think ep 3 was a hit. a lot of good reviews, no 0's so i feel good thus ep 4 will be much better. 1st of all i got some cool sprites from mcleodgaming.com. dont worry i got permission from all the owner of the sprites. list of new sprites, fox mcloud, link, cloud, azreal, bowser, metaknight, pit, captain falcon. so they should make the series more awesome cause their moves are the same thing as they do in SSBB.

heres some things bout ep 4.

when it seems like theres no hope for pikachu and silver, a fast figure saves the day. while back on the death egg shadow and mario try to find sonic and falco and finds the twins still fighting. then just like the game out of blue a Smash Ball appears. who will get it, im not going to tell u cause it wont be any fun watching the actually vid.

LOTS o thx to


especially alvin for letting me use his mecha sonic sprites.

oh and heres some cool masterhand sprites. if gona use give credit to the owner on the page.